Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you! My day has been different from the norm (obviously), but really nice. My floor mates and I prepared a nice meal together and have been having a relaxing yet productive day. The weather has been beautiful here, sunny and high 60's. It is hard to be away from my family, but between the Easter card and candy sent and the Skype calls from my sisters during my favorite songs in church, I at least know they miss me too!

Us on Easter last year :)

Since coming back from Rome, I have been getting organized, crossing things off of my to do list, and sadly, have realized just how little time I have left here. Seeing that my next trip was not until May 2 (to Helsinki, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg), I saw a window of opportunity to travel with my floor mate and dear friend, Mercy. We had previously discussed our desire to see Brussels and Amsterdam, and one night, jumped at the chance to get the plan going. This was on Tuesday, and we leave 2 days from today. I know, crazy! The process of booking a place to stay so last minute has been a bit messy, but I am confident it will work out.

My sister and I are also adding more details to when she comes, and have decided to go to Paris together! We bought our tickets and everything, it is a done deal. I went there with my French class 4 years ago, and am so excited to see it again now that I have seen so much more of Europe. It will be interesting to see how much French I remember...  I think she will absolutely love it and I hope I am able to prove helpful in getting us around successfully.

This week, I have thought a lot about how much I miss school at home. I registered for classes and could not be more excited to begin my program and learn about things that I care about. I will never again take UND, its feeling of community, and all of its awesome events for granted. A special shout out to my amazing Thetas: I can't wait to reunite when I get back!

So, that's pretty much the update from this week. I have been pretty tied up with classes and doing an assignment (I know, it is hard to believe!), and of course, tirelessly planning trips. I can't wait for the next post when I can tell you about my awesome trip. See you soon!

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