Sunday, May 25, 2014

I will miss...

There is no denying that I have loved (almost) every minute of this experience, start to finish. With only a few weeks to go (and classes already being over), I have started to truly reflect on my experience and can feel myself getting more and more sentimental about how little time there is left. Here is a list of things that have become norms in my life this semester. This was tricky to compile since there are so many things I have had the chance to truly appreciate...

I will miss....

getting lost/exploring in cities that I have no previous knowledge about (ex. Tallinn, Estonia)

campus parties 

sitting and appreciating moments when I realized my wildest dreams were coming true (ex. London, England underneath the London Eye and facing Big Ben)  

Thursdays at Koriander with white wine and mirror selfies 

International Dinners with my awesome floor mates

freaking out whenever I see a castle

this...(abundance of unique? people)

my choir girls

getting creative with our costumes before campus parties

riding the bus (so easy- always warm in winter, cool in summer)

audio guides. So many audio guides.

being a complete tourist and feeling 100% shameless about it

receiving care packages/actual mail

being a master of public transport

FOOD, especially trying region specific food.. ( ex. Fish and chips in London, pizza in Rome)

experiencing crappy weather and thinking, "Oh well. At least I am in (insert cool country)." (Oslo)

legal drinking, especially where wine juice boxes are available (so convenient!).

churches like this....

seeing proof of royalty

spending time with these amazing friends that I will have for life. 

being in absolute disbelief of being somewhere I have thought about going forever and feeling like "Someone pinch me.." (Colosseum in Rome)

visiting a totally awesome place without even planning to (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

not knowing the language (or alphabet) and still managing to communicate just fine (challenge accepted!) (St. Petersburg)

love lock bridges...never gets old <3 (Helsinki)

I could probably think of a million more, but I will stop there. I am unbelievably lucky to have so many things worth missing :)

My family is coming on friday and I will be traveling with them until the middle of June, so that is why there won't be any posts until then. I can't wait to share my last adventure with you! Until next time xoxo

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