Thursday, November 21, 2013


Today is a great day. A fabulous one. A stupendously wonderful day indeed. You guessed it, I got my acceptance letter from Sweden today! I also found out that I got into my 4 top choice classes, so a big yay for taking classes for fun! For the past month, I've been frustrated and antsy over all of the things I haven't been able to do before receiving that fateful email. I couldn't buy my plane ticket with confidence, figure out my housing situation, apply for a residence permit, or even have the piece of mind knowing that I was for sure 110% going. But now, I can. I can breathe, start looking into all these things I have been waiting for, and get the ball rolling once again on these exciting plans. Oh, and my best friend was accepted too, so that's kinda cool ;) You guys...I AM GOING TO SWEDEN. Let's do this. 

And here is the concrete evidence :):):)

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